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Pokémon UNITE – How to play Absol

Pokémon UNITE is finally here and we’ll be taking a look at one of the most difficult but rewarding Pokémon to play right now: Absol.

Why should you play Absol?

Absol is one of those Pokémon that rewards players who operate on a more lone-wolf style of play. He doesn’t hold on as long as others and he offers little to no support in teamfights, but what he does offer is a lot of raw damage (if he’s played right) and of course a lot of mobility moving around the map, which can come in handy if he’s in the hands of the right player. Don’t expect to be great on him right out the gates, but as you progress, Absol can be very rewarding.

How does Absol operate?

The nice thing about Absol is you can get all across the map very quickly and deal a big chunk of damage all at once. Teamfighting shouldn’t be your number one priority. Try to focus on finding isolated targets or cherry picking opponents that think they have the advantage when engaging a teammate, only for you to step in. When it comes to ganking and unexpected engages, Absol shines.

What held items should I use?

When it comes to Absol, you want to be looking at held items that play to his strengths. There are multiple routes you can take. If you’re looking at dishing out damage, there’s Scope Lens and Attack Weight. Scope Lens just vibes really well with Absol’s attack and ability, resulting in more critical hits, while Attack Weight just adds to the raw damage output Absol can provide.

The other possibility is slapping on a Float Stone. Being mobile and agile is one of Absol’s biggest strengths and you’ll put that to even greater use by equipping a Float Stone. For a battle item, the Eject Button should be the correct choice, allowing you to get out fast when things go south. As Absol can be quite frail, this can be life-saving.

What moves should I go with?

At Level 1 you’ll have the choice between Feint and Slash. Feint offers you a dash on an 8-second cooldown, which deals true damage, while Slash increases your critical-hit chances on a 6-second cooldown. Generally Feint offers you a little more mobility and options, but if you want to double down on critical-hit chances, go with Slash. It depends on how you want to play and what item you went with.

Level 5 offers Pursuit which lets you dash to an area and lunge at an enemy. If you attack from behind, your cooldown (5 second cooldown) is reduced. The other choice is Double Team (11 second cooldown), which teleports you slightly and makes clones which fight for you. Pursuit is a textbook Absol move here and should be your choice, as it builds very well into your playstyle.

Level 7 gives you the choice between Psycho Cut, which empowers your basic attack damage for three attacks (7 second cooldown), and Sucker Punch (7 second cooldown) which sees you charge up and attack. If you’re attacked in the process, the enemy is displaced. Psycho Cut should be your go-to here, as it offers tons of damage, while Sucker Punch is more situational.

Finally there’s Midnight Slash which you gain at Level 9, as Absol’s Unite move. Midnight Slash will see you perform multiple slash attacks with blades of energy that displace opponents. This move can be a gamechanger in teamfights, so be wise about using it.

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