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Pokémon UNITE goes mobile: how to carry over your progress & is crossplay available?

Pokémon UNITE is getting its mobile release. How do you carry over your progress and will you be able to play together with other platforms using crossplay?

Yes, there’s crossplay

First and foremost, there’s some good news for those who want to play with their friends on Nintendo Switch, as Pokémon UNITE on mobile will have crossplay available. You also won’t have to wait long to finally do so, as Pokémon UNITE mobile will be releasing on September 22, a solid two months after the release for Nintendo Switch.

How to carry over your progress

If you want to carry over your progress you’re in luck, because cross-progression for Pokémon UNITE will be available. The process is slightly different for Nintendo Switch and mobile however, so we’ll guide you through it.

If you’ve been playing Pokémon UNITE on Nintendo Switch and want to bring your progress to mobile, make sure you’ve got a Nintendo (or Trainer club) account linked with Pokémon UNITE on your Switch. Once you’ve downloaded UNITE for mobile, you’ll be able to use and link said Nintendo or Trainer Club account, connecting you to your Switch account and enabling cross-progression.

If playing UNITE on mobile and want to transfer data to your Switch, You’ll again have to link a Nintendo or Trainer Club account to Pokémon UNITE on mobile. Then, you’ll be able to link up with it on your Nintendo Switch in the settings, enabling cross-progression.

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