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Pokémon UNITE – Everything you need to know about boss Pokémon

Pokémon UNITE features multiple boss Pokémon that can aid you on your way to victory. Let’s take a more in-depth look at them.

Why should you care about Boss Pokémon?

To put it bluntly, taking down Boss Pokémon can give massive boosts and buffs, which in turn will make it easier for you to take down your opponents, score and win the game. If a Boss Pokémon has entered the map, you’ll be alerted on-screen of the nearest one, which will either be at 7:00 time remaining or 2:00 time remaining.

What Boss Pokémon are there?

Drednaw & Rotom

Drednaw and Rotom both spawn at 7:00 but their buffs are radically different, just like their spawn location. Drednaw will appear in the bottom lane neutral camp, while Rotom will do the same on the top side of the map. If they’re defeated, they will respawn in exactly 120 seconds, unless the timer of the match has passed 2:00.

  • Taking down Drednaw:

If you take down Drednaw you’re awarded 20 Aeos Energy, you and your teammates will be granted a 119 EXP boost and will also provide all of you with temporary shields, which can swing fights completely in your favor. To take down Drednaw, make sure the timing is right as it can take a while. Having an all-round attacker available to put down the necessary DPS, flanked by tankier members to absorb damage, is generally a good option.

  • Taking down Rotom:

If Rotom is taken down, you’re awarded 20 Aeos Energy and Rotom will fight for you until it reaches an enemy goal, which it will charge for 14 seconds. It’s best to take down Rotom as soon as it spawns, preferably without too many opponents present to make full use of its effect. In general, it’s easier to take down than Drednaw is, so just going in close with a short-range melee Pokémon while being backed up by a ranged attacker will do the job.


Zapdos spawns at 2:00 and can be a complete game changer if a team is able to pick it up, making it the most valuable objective on the map. We’ve done an in-depth guide on taking down Zapdos and taking advantage of his effects, which you can find here.

Additional tips:
  • Drednaw is more important than Rotom

If you have to make a choice between flipping Drednaw or Rotom, go for Drednaw. His shield has more impact on the game itself, just like the EXP boost it provides, so its value is a little higher than the one you get out of Rotom.

  • Ambush the enemy to steal the Boss

The spoils of the Boss Pokémon go to the team that’s able to last-hit, which is why it can be a good idea to let the enemy team start up the Boss, only to crash late and steal it all away. Vice-versa, make sure the enemy can’t do this to you and keep in mind where the enemy is at all times.

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