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Pokémon UNITE adds squads with release of mobile

The mobile version of Pokémon UNITE is here and with it comes the introduction of squads, which will launch in the 1.2 patch.

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As Pokémon UNITE is releasing the newest patch for the game, patch 1.2 is also set to hit the game. The patch brings a whole lot of new stuff to the game, such as a big list of nerfs and buffs to some beloved Pokémon and the very own Pokémon UNITE Battlepass, but it also brings us the introduction of squads which will allow you to create your own teams in the game.

Pokémon UNITE showed a lot of the new stuff in the mobile launch trailer and we got our first glimpse at the squads feature there as well. You’ll have the option of creating your own squad or joining an existing one. Once you’re in a squad, you’ll be able to connect with other players in the Squad Chat social hub. Within these squads, you’ll also be able to assign ranks to players and there’s a maximum number of 30 players (for now).

It’s a big upgrade to the previous system on Nintendo Switch, where you could only just invite friends and then enter matchmaking. With squads, finding like-minded players and queuing up with your friends should be made a little easier, while also possibly making the matchmaking process more smooth.

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Image Credit: Nintendo