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PlayStation 5 Showcase on 16. September – Release date and price to be announced?

On September 16 22:00 CEST a new PlayStation 5 showcase will take place. Sony has teased more information for their next generation console.

Fans can watch the event on Twitch, YouTube or Playstation.com. The entire event is scheduled for 40 minutes and will supposedly also feature third-party games for the PlayStation 5.

After Microsoft already revealed the prices for their next generation, many are expecting Sony to follow suit on September 16. However the Japanese company has not said anything in regards to these speculations.

Which console will be cheaper?

It is way past time for Sony to reveal additional details as Microsoft has already unveiled all the details regarding the Xbox. Especially considering the release time frame of this year’s holiday season.

Looking at past generations it will be hard to say which console will be cheaper. While the Xbox 360 was a hundred Dollars cheaper than the PlayStation 3, Sony undercut Microsoft in the last generation by the same amount. 300-500 xbox
According to the rumour mill the PlayStation 5 will be around the same price as the Xbox this generation with prices ranging from 300-500$.

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Image Credit: Sony