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PGL Major update: One last chance for Sweden, backup countries available

As Sweden seems less and less likely as the host country for the PGL Major, PGL has now come out with a press release on the situation themselves.

Most of the issues when it comes to the PGL Major taking place in Sweden stem from restrictions which are in place to ensure COVID-19 safety. “Right now, we are in direct discussions with the Swedish authorities and working together to find a solution to still host the PGL MAJOR in Stockholm.“

Spectators might also be an issue, as Sweden currently only allows for 300 spectators in the venue, with it possibly being increased after September 15 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. “For the city to be the heart of Counter-Strike later this year, we have to stick to the initial terms of the project: we need to fly all the qualified players into Sweden and to entertain a large number of spectators inside the venue. The current restrictions in Sweden allow for only 300 spectators within the Avicii Arena.”

PGL has assured all CS:GO fans that the PGL Major will happen either way and announced that they’ve got two more countries in place as a backup plan if Sweden doesn’t work out. “But, as with every other event we have organized, we always had a backup plan in case we wouldn’t be able to execute the event properly. We are in touch with two other European countries who have already offered us all the necessary guarantees to run the CS:GO MAJOR by having all the players on-site and a large audience inside the venue.”

PGL went on to say they’ll have more updates for us soon. In any case, it’s reassuring that we’ll be getting the Major either way. The questions still remains if it’ll be Sweden or not.

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