November 21, 2020
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The end of an era: Perkz & G2 Esports – 5 Things we’ll remember

Perkz leaving G2 Esports marks the end of an era. He’ll be a huge upgrade to Cloud9 in the LCS, where he’s headed next. To celebrate his career with G2, we made a small compilation of five of his most memorable moments!

5. Funnel

On patch 8.11 all hell broke loose in solo queue and the EU LCS quickly followed. The most effective tactic available was a funnel composition. You would draft no real jungler but put an ad carry in the midlane position with smite and a support in the jungle without smite. The ad carry in the midlane would take both jungle camps and the midlane farm, whilst roaming the map being supported by the jungler. 

No team mastered this tactic better than G2 Esports with Perkz in the middle of it playing the carry. Known for his insane Kai’Sa and Xayah mechanics and being gifted all these resources, we saw a first glimpse of his potential playing ADC prowess. This strategy was perfected by G2 Esports so well, that no team had an answer to it and they reinvented the game in an “unhealthy” way, leading to it being nerfed only three patches later. Perkz will always be remembered as the prime example of how to funnel a carry.

4. Perkz wins his first EU LCS title

When Perkz promoted with his Gamers2 roster from EU Challenger to the EU LCS, he did not yet know that history would be written that day. Rebranding to G2 Esports, Perkz was on fire both on and off the rift in his first split. Known for being very cocky, it most of the time overshadowed his insane gameplay on the rift. 

As people were talking more about his cocky behaviour, his play would go under the radar for most of the split. That is until the latter half of the split arrived and G2 Esports were in firm control of first place. Having a regular split record of 15-3, they were the clear favourites going into playoffs and they delivered. In his first split, he would go on and become the new champion of Europe. It is formidable that he did all of that in just his first split, after just being promoted from EU Challenger.

3. Perkz’ LeBlanc versus RNG at Worlds 2018

To know the true impact of this game we first must give you some context. It’s Worlds 2018 and Korea has fallen from grace on the international scene. All eyes are on China to take over and especially RNG, as they are the number one seed from China that year. Being dubbed the favourites to win it all, they looked a bit shaky in groups but eventually managed to make it out as the first seed. G2 Esports are their opponents in the quarter finals. G2 has come all the way from play-ins and were by no means predicted to win the series, let alone a game against the tournament’s favourites. 

Against all odds, the impossible happened. G2 Esports and especially Perkz played their heart out. In a nerve-racking five game series, it was Perkz’ LeBlanc that dragged G2 Esports over the finish line in game five. By being an absolute monster on LeBlanc, assassinating people left right and centre, he lit a fire that would burn for years to come in European fans. They saw how sheer willpower and motivation finally brought Perkz here and at this very moment he was at his peak performance, giving Europe a major upset victory on the international stage.

2. Perkz Quadra Kill against SKT

2019 was a year full of surprises, but a year would not be complete without a G2 Esports highlight moment at Worlds. That year was no different as G2 Esports met an SK Telecom that was out for revenge. They had beaten SK Telecom at the Mid-Season Invitational 2019 semi-finals (and quickly swept Team Liquid in the finals to become the MSI 2019 champions) in such a manner that even Faker looked clueless in some games. Playing things like Pyke top and taking on so many fights, G2 Esports had cemented themselves a specific playstyle that would define them and a new meta on the international stage. 

In a remarkably close series where every game would be decided by just one fight, G2 Esports was about to lose the fourth game. With Perkz being dead, SKT pushed through mid to seemingly end the game. With SKT knocking on the G2 base, G2 initiated a last teamfight with Perkz being on the verge of respawning. It did not look good for the European squad, but the only thing they had to do was stall for Perkz. When he respawned, he rushed to the fight to turn it all around. He started off by killing Faker to then execute Teddy and Mata to finalize it with a quadra kill on Khan. This nail-biting series came to an end after this game and G2 Esports went on to represent Europe in the finals. Unfortunately, we all know how that one ended.

1. Perkz and Caps roleswap

Perkz’ most memorable moment is not a Penta kill, a clutch play or reaching the final in a prestigious tournament. It’s his humbleness and competitive drive that made room for one of the most controversial roster swaps in the history of competitive League of Legends. He would “bench” himself from the mid lane to make room for his newly arrived “archnemesis” Caps. He would learn a new role and become the next ad carry superstar within this star-studded line-up. This roster would go on and dominate Europe for two years, give Europe its first international title (not counting Season 1 Worlds) at MSI 2019 and reach a second Worlds final. This shows you what kind of a man Perkz is. A European legend.

Of course, this is not the end of Perkz. It is just the end of G2 Perkz. Although there are many great moments, we think these five define him as a player under the G2 banner. Winning MSI 2019 would have been up here if it were not such a one-sided final, but it was nonetheless the first international title for Europe in a long time. We wish Perkz the best of luck with Cloud9 and hope for him to meet G2 on the rift next year!

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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