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Peacemaker joins up with Complexity as Head Coach

As a result of their early IEM Cologne exit, Complexity has now completed a revamp of their line-up by signing Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu as coach.

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This caps off several moves made by the self-proclaimed Juggernaut, initiated by parting ways with their previous coach Jamie “keita” Hall. Just earlier this week Complexity moved RUSH to the bench awaiting a possible transfer. In his place, the American organization brought in Danish player es3tag, who gained notoriety as a member of the Astralis line-up.

With RUSH moving to the bench, Complexity has no more North American presence in their starting roster.

Peacemaker has been coaching for a good five years already, and has coached teams such as Team Liquid, MAD Lions, Heroic and most recently Imperial Esports. He’s reunited with es3tag and IGL blameF, who he coached for quite some time in Heroic.

The roster, that’s now looking very Danish, is completed by k0nfig, poison, and jks. The first appearance of the revamped and retooled Complexity will be at ESL Pro League Season 14, which is slated to begin on August 16.

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