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Patch 7.29d fixes Toss Buybacks, nerfs Ancient Apparition, Broodmother and more

7.29d finally tackles Toss Buybacks among a broad smattering of nerfs for the heroes and items currently dominating the meta.

Roughly a month after 7.29c Valve have implemented another minor patch to Dota 2. 7.29d fixes Toss Buybacks after there have been a surge of those during the Dota Pro Circuit in recent times. Besides tackling that long-standing bug (some even called it a feature at this point) Icefrog also handed out nerfs to heroes and items dominating the current meta.

Fixing the buybacks

The biggest change in 7.29d is without a doubt the now “fixed” interaction between Buyback and Toss (and Timberchain to a lesser extent). After it played a prominent role with several game-winning buybacks in the Dota Pro Circuit there was quite the discussion if the instant respawn in the middle of the fight was intended or not.

A discussion that will now end as Icefrog has patched out the instances in which it could happen. While the game-changing nature of those buybacks was exciting it was in the end just too good to be true.

Nerfs to AA, Brood and more

Patch 7.29d also tackles some of the more dominating heroes of the current meta. Ancient Apparition, Broodmother and Snapfire are just some of the heroes, whose numbers got tweaked. Other prominent characters that got hit by the nerfbat are Warlock, Tiny and Medusa that have seen quite a bit of competitive play. With the Major in Kyiv coming up soon we can expect a more varied meta going into the final Major of the season.

In terms of items Icefrog focused on bringing Sange (and its combinations) as well as Vanguard and Solar Crest more in line with other item choices. It remains to be seen if the slight number adjustment will make those items fall off again.

You can read the full patch notes on the official website:

Patch 7.29d Full Patchnotes

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