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Patch 10.22 – Buffs for LeBlanc, Xayah. Nerfs for Samira and Zed in Final Patch of Season 10

Riot has released the patch preview for the final balance update coming to League of Legends’ Season 10. Update 10.22 is going to put the capstone on a rather stable season of LoL.

Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter took to Twitter to give players a preview of the upcoming final patch to Season 10.

5 Champions Buffed

Besides Xayah and LeBlanc the other champions in for a treat are Sejuani, Nasus and Brand. They have all been struggling in the recent meta with lower winrates than desired. Yetter outlined the buffs for Nasus and Brand already, while the other three champions will have to wait for further details.

Nasus’ buff will be given to his ultimate. Instead of the old bonus resistance starting at 15 and capping out at 55, the new one will start off at 40 and end at 70. To counterbalance the flat increase Nasus will no longer receive resistance per second.

Brand’s buffs are not as straightforward. His passive ability’s explosive damage will deal less damage but compensate for that with better scaling. The other changed abilitiy is his E, Conflagration. Now it will always spread to nearby enemies but the spread range suffers a slight reduction. If coupled with Blaze players will now be able to double the spread range to 600 though. Brand’s ultimate also got a slight change as the fireball can now bounce to Brand himself.

4 Champions to be Nerfed

On the other end of the spectrum four champions are due to be hit by Riot’s nerf hammer. Karthus is deemed as too strong in Mid and Jungle. Lulu’s Top lane potential will also be nerfed. Another Midlaner up on the chopping block is Zed as Riot aim to “bring him in line.” The final champion to be nerfed is the newest addition to the roster, Samira.

Other champions will also see some adjustments: Ashe’s W will be rescaled to start weaker but end up stronger with up to 11 arrows on max, while Annie and Jinx’ E also received minor changes.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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