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Overwatch – Open Role Queue coming to Competitive



Ever since it’s introduction the Role Queue had been controversial in the Overwatch community. Especially with the “old” Open Queue being added to Arcade many players were clamoring for a return of it. Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has now teased the return Open Queue to Overwatch.

In the newest Developer Update Blizzard has announced the return of the Open Queue to Overwatch.

As the current Open Queue is set to be removed from the Arcade soon. Blizzard has formally announced that the Open Queue will make a return as a full-fledged game mode. Before that happens with the start of the new competitive 23rd season in early July, the developers will also be working on a new temporary arcade game mode.

Jeff Kaplan said: “We are going to work very quickly, as quickly as we can, to bring back another shortened arcade version of Competitive Open Queue that will go live sometime in June, we’re thinking mid-June, but don’t hold me exactly to that date.”

Reaction to criticism?

The most prominent critic of the 2-2-2 role system has to be without doubt Jay “sinatraa” Won. The former San Francisco Shock star and OWL MVP had pointed out the role lock as one of the reasons he lost passion for Overwatch. But resentment against the system has been widespread.

Although the introduction of the open queue to competitive mode is a welcome relief to many clamoring fans, Kaplan also said that Overwatch will still be “tuned and balanced around” Role Queue for the foreseeable future.

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Pictures via Blizzard