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Overwatch League player Viol2t suspended and fined

Season 2 champions San Francisco Shock have imposed a suspension and fine upon their flex support player Minki “Viol2t” Park.

Viol2t first came under scrutiny by the community on July 10 when he told a player to “kill himself” during a public match. While that instance of misconduct remained unsanctioned, on July 27 he once more used slurs on the Overwatch ladder.

San Francsico Shock has now reacted to Viol2t’s behaviour and issued sanctions against their player for acting out of line. In a statement on the team’s Discord Shock’s General Manager Chris Chung said the following:

“Today we were made aware of an incident involving Viol2t’s in game behavior. Viol2t’s actions were not in line with what we expect from our staff and players in or out of game. The organization and Viol2t would like to extend an apology for this situation. […]

Viol2t will be receiving a fine from the San Francisco Shock. We will be suspending Viol2t for the upcoming match against the Houston Outlaws.

We will continue to work with Viol2t and monitor his in-game behavior closely to ensure this is the last incident of its kind.”

The current imposed sanctions are coming from Viol2t’s team directly. So far the Overwatch League has not reacted to the misconduct as seen on the official Player Discipline Tracker.

Viol2t will miss out on the next fixture on August 1 against Houston Outlaws.

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Image Credit: Robert Paul/Blizzard