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September 14, 2020

Overwatch League Grand Finals 2020 Bracket set – Who will crown themselves Champions?

This year’s Overwatch League season is slowly approaching the end. On September 13 the final four teams were set in stone. Seoul Dynasty and Philadelphia Fusion will join San Francisco Shock and the Shanghai Dragons in the Grand Final Bracket.

The ongoing COVID19-Pandemic has forced the Overwatch League to adapt a very different Grand Finals from the prior years. Instead of the straight up double elimination bracket, the playoffs were split into regional divisions with the top two of each region advancing to the final bracket.

After the Shanghai Dragons and San Francisco Shock booked their tickets to the Grand Finals bracket all eyes were the remaining 2 matches. In the Asia-Pacific region New York Excelsior faced off against Seoul Dynasty while the North American region saw Philadelphia Fusion clash against the dark horse Washington Justice.

3-0’s across the board

The Lower Bracket matches of each region that determined the final slots saw two clear victories by Philadelphia and Seoul. New York Excelsior could not keep up with the current meta that was employed to deadly effect by Seoul. The Zarya-Roadhog combo proved too strong for Excelsior as they could not find a solution in the three maps.

On the other side over at North America Philadelphia Fusion had to match up against the surprise of the Playoffs. Coming in at twelveth only the most die-hard fans had high expectations of Washington Justice. But Justice presevered and collected scalp after scalp in the Lower Bracket to make it this far. However Fusion proved to be the end of the route for them as they found ways to deal with Zarya-Roadhog while dictating the pace of the game.

Fusion and Dynasty will complete the final four of 2020’s Overwatch League Finals. Philadelphia will face Shanghai Dragons in the first round, while Seoul Dynasty has to overcome San Francisco Shock in their opening match.

The Grand Finals Bracket for Overwatch League Season 3
The Grand Finals Bracket for Overwatch League Season 3

The Grand Finals Bracket will be played at the beginning of October from October 8 to October 10. The four teams will be playing in Korea to negate any ping advantages.

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Image Credit: Robert Paul/Blizzard, Blizzard
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