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Overwatch 2 competitive will be changing to 5 versus 5 – Developers show new maps

In a livestream done by the developers of Overwatch 2, game designer Aaron Keller announced some big changes to the competitive scene of the franchise.

Alongside showing some gameplay of Overwatch 2, the biggest change to come out of the livestream is the fact they’ll be dropping a tank. This means their PvP model would change from 6 versus 6 to 5 versus 5. Blizzard called this a logical evolution for the game of Overwatch, changing up the meta to a two support, two damage heroes and only one tank. According to Keller the change would make the game a lot easier to follow along with as well.

This change will also be reflected in the maps, which we already got a glimpse of. During the livestream we saw a lot more of Monte Carlo which is a new Escort map. Ultimately it seems like the developers put a lot of focus on making the maps less linear and making them less chokepoint-heavy, adding more angles to the fight.

Other changes that will be coming to Overwatch 2 are changes to the UI and HUD, which are made more easy to track. We still don’t have a final release date for the game, however, which according to an earlier statement by Keller is still quite a while away. Getting some insight into what’s coming and what the developers are working on is a nice change of pace for Overwatch fans that have been waiting a long time already.

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