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Call of Duty Modern Warfare

OpTic Gaming criticizes Call of Duty league

Since the start of the Call of Duty League, both the league and the game (Modern Warfare) have been heavily criticized by players and fans. In a tweet that has since been deleted, CDL team OpTic Gaming Los Angeles openly criticized the league and the issues that have been plaguing it.

The Call of Duty League playoffs are currently underway, but OpTic Gaming took to Twitter to openly mock the league before they even got started. They posted a video where they criticize the issues that have been popping up ever since the Call of Duty League took to online play, with ping issues, spawn issues and players being booted off the servers. OpTic Gaming also joked how the League gets to decide which team should be winning through these issues.

Since the tweet was posted the organization faced (some) backlash, leading to them removing the tweet and posting some additional context to their post. “It’s been a lot of fun talking smack and stirring the pot over the past month – clearly the last video in our satirical series went a bit too far and was interpreted as being serious, when it was meant to be a joke.” 

Not everyone in the community agrees that OpTic Gaming Los Angeles went too far with multiple professional players joking about possible fines they (OGLA) might be facing, referring to some of the outlandish fines some players have received for being critical of the game and the league.

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Image Credit: OpTic Gaming Los Angeles