4. September 2020

Update: Omen Re-Enabled after gamebreaking glitches

Update: Riot has deployed a hotfix for the glitches that plagued Omen and led to his temporary removal.

After Patch 1.07 was deployed, Players had found two critical glitches in combination with the agent Omen. One allowed him to bypass the walls during the buy phase, the other turned him invulnerable for the entire match.

After a first attempt at hotfixing the issue failed, Riot had temporarily removed Omen from the game until the issue was fixed. While Omen was disabled, players had to use other agents to fill in the gap as Omen has been a popular meta pick.

Now that he is back in the game, thing should go back to “normal”.

Original articel from September 3:
Omen has successfully done it. A new couple of glitches not only made him invulnerable but also allowed him to bypass the walls from the buying phase.

Omen has been among the best VALORANT agents for a while now and certainly does not need a buff. A new couple of glitches now turn him into something horrendously broken.

Patch 1.07 has unfortunately introduced a critical glitch allowing Omen to be invulnerable as seen in this reddit thread. If players use Omen’s ultimate shortly before a round ends the ability will be cancelled but the agent will turn invulnerable for the remainder of the match.

Another critical exploit discoverd allows Omen to bypass the walls during the buying phase. As seen in the video Omen is able to glitch through the wall with his teleport as long as a teammate helps him along on the box on the map Bind.
This allows players to surprise opponents in positions they should not be able to reach after the round starts.

As Riot had been unable to fix the issues with a quick hotfix, the agent has now been disabled until further notice.


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Image Credit: Riot Games
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