NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with Surprise Cameo on Broxh' Stream
September 7, 2020

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with surprise Twitch Cameo

On the streaming platform Twitch you can find everything be it gameplay, just chatting or other streams. Sometimes you will be surprised by what you can find.

Doubly so for viewers of Broxh’s streams on September 7. As he started the session the popular woodworker teased his fans by saying a special guest would join in later. Expecting the guest to be another internet personality from New Zealand, viewers instead were were greeted with New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The Prime Minister joined for an informal chat about Broxh’s artwork and streaming in general. Ardern even outed herself as something of a fan of Broxh when she requested one of his trademark hair flicks from the streamer.

Trying her hand at woodworking the Prime Minister also (cautiously) worked on one of Broxh’s artworks before she had to leave for another meeting. She did dab for the audience before leaving however:

While unexpected Ardern’s visit might mark the beginning of more involvement from “mainstream” New Zealand with Twitch.

The Prime Minister’s surprise visit could also be related to the upcoming General Election in New Zealand on October 17. Ardern is seeking re-election for another term as Prime Minister and could be reaching out to the younger electorate on a platform of their choosing.

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Image Credit: Broxh via Twitch
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