November 20, 2020
League of Legends

Nuguri still free agent – BeryL signs new contract with DAMWON

Update: On November 20 DAMWON Gaming announced via Twitter that Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee has signed a new contract with them.

The support player that was essential for DAMWON’s triumph at Worlds 2020 will play at least another year at DAMWON Gaming.

The organisation also announced that BeryL would be the captain of the squad starting next season. Top laner Nuguri is still a free agent at the time of writing.

Original article from November 17:
League of Legends Worlds 2020 winner DAMWON Gaming sees two players, support Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee and top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon enter free agency today as their contracts have run out. DAMWON Gaming says they’re looking to re-sign both players to their roster.

Due to their contract running out, both players could look to pursue deals with other teams then DAMWON Gaming, even though it’s likely they’ll stay and re-sign with the organisation. DAMWON Gaming had an amazing season domestically on top of winning the biggest League of Legends event, Worlds 2020. Their other three players are still contracted to the team until November 15 of 2021.

Especially top laner Nuguri could net some potential interest from other teams, as the 21-year old is seen as one of the best top laners in the world. He also had a stand-out performance at Worlds. DAMWON Gaming already decided to change some things up for the upcoming season as they let their coaching staff go an brought the former coach of SKT, Kim kk0ma Jeong-gyun, on board.

The Korean League of Legends scene has been shaken up by teams rebuilding their roster and scouting new talent for their organization. DRX recently released four of their players (Doran, Chovy, Keria and Deft), mutually dissolving their contract. It’s certainly looking like the LCK, which will enter its first year as a franchised league, is shaking up their rosters and ambitions.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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