October 15, 2020
Call of Duty

Nuclear Bombs in Verdansk – Is this how Warzone transitions to Cold War?

Once Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches, fans of the Battle Royale mode “Warzone” will not need to be sad as Warzone will continue in Cold War. Now the first details regarding the transition have surfaced.

Call of Duty: Warzone is still the most played Battle Royale right now. So it comes to little wonder
that Activision will continue Warzone into the next CoD title. Since the current Modern Warfare and the upcoming Black Ops Cold War take place in very different eras Activision is allegedly planning to launch a big event to make the shift.

Dropping Nukes on Verdansk?

According to the leaker “TheGamingRevolution” a nuclear weapon is headed to Verdansk to bomb the map back into the era of the Cold War. The leaker had been quite on the mark in the past, so the likelihood of nuclear developments in Verdansk is definitely there. Apparently the name of the event will be “Rebirth”. The Warzone map is allegedly not only going to get bombed but also significantly changed.

TheGamingRevolution also leaked a soviet version of Alcatraz. An old map, which also featured in the very first Battle Royale of Call of Duty.

Other Battle Royales like Fortnite or Apex Legends have also changed their maps in the past. To great success and popularity even, as Fortnite’s Black Hole event last year had proven.

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Image Credit: Activision
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