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NRG at risk of missing Last Chance Qualifier after losing final VCT Open Qualifiers

NRG’s run in the Stage Three Challengers Two final open qualifier came to an abrupt end in the round-of-32, after being beaten by Resonate.

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They’re holding on to their spot in the Champions’ NA Last Change Qualifier, but just barely. Things started off horribly for the team, as Resonate took the first map on Haven with a 13-11 score line. Both teams were scorching the defence on their attacking side for this game to go all 24 rounds.

Both s0m and eeiu had a killer first map, both racking up 20 eliminations and the only NRG members to post a positive +/- rating on Haven. NRG were quick to respond on Breeze, taking the second map with a convincing 13-5 score. tex joined the fray after a less than stellar Haven performance.

This left Ascent as the backdrop for the potential upset. Resonate did not flounder and took the deciding map 13-8. As a side note, both maps where ANDROID picked KAY/O were losses for NRG. This leaves NRG in a precarious situation in the Last Chance Qualifier standings. They currently have 30 circuit points after reaching the State Two Challengers Finals and tying for fifth place.

If two of the teams currently behind NRG in the standings (T1, Andbox, Immortals, TSM,…), or any team currently without circuit points, end up reaching the Stage Three Challengers Playoffs, those teams would earn enough points to knock NRG out of the LCQ. That would be a blow to a revamped roster that acquired ANDROID from Andbox and tex from Equinox to bolster the duelist core. They can now only sit back and hope the teams making it through to the Playoffs are already ahead of them in the ranking.

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