BOT TI 3 announced
August 6, 2020

No TI this year? – Bot TI 3 got you covered

While we will not see the best of the Dota 2 world clash in the fight for the aegis this year, it does not mean there will be no International at all. BeyondTheSummit has announced the third edition of their Bot The International to determine the best AI in Dota 2.

As has become tradition over the last two editions, this year will again feature a Bot TI. COVID 19 may have stopped the traditional event from happening, but BeyondTheSummit has jumped into the breach to fill our TI cravings regardless.

Which Bot is the best?

Bot TI pits every Dota hero’s easy bots in a teamfight against each other to determine which Hero is played best by the AI. While the first two editions saw Elder Titan and Clockwork the third title will be up for grabs in September.

Every match will be a Best of 3 consisting of the following format:

  • All matches are 5 of one hero vs 5 of another hero in one teamfight
    • 1st game: level 5, no items
    • 2nd game: level 15 with 10k gold budget & 1 neutral item
    • 3rd game: level 30 with 20k gold budget & 1 neutral item

Itembuilds will be decided by the most popular items in pubs according to the statistics on Dotabuff.

The matches will be streamed on BeyondTheSummit’s Twitch channel here:

More details can be found on their announcement post on Reddit.

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Image Credit: Valve, BeyondTheSummit
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