Steve and Co. join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
October 1, 2020

Nintendo announces Minecraft’s Steve & Alex for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash fans had been waiting for the announcement of the newest fighter joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster with bated breath. In the short trailer Minecraft’s Steve and Alex were revealed as newest fighers joining.

Before the reveal many theories were floating around. Rumours included fan favorites like Crash Bandicoot or Waluigi, some even wanted to see Overwatch’s Tracer in the Nintendo fighting game.

Steve & Alex to join Super Smash Bros.

Instead it will be another often requested character making his debut in the Smash franchise. Steve from Minecraft will join the fight and he even brought his buddies Alex, Zombie and Enderman.

The short teaser only showed brief gameplay moments of the new fighers and did not include too many details on them.

A more in-depth look of the new fighter will happen on October 3, 7:30 am Pacific Time before the Minecraft Live.

Steve & Alex will be the second figher after Min Min’s addition earlier of the Fighter Pass 2. There are four more characters slated to be released for 2020 and 2021.

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Image Credit: Nintendo
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