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Nigma and Galaxy Racer merge to form Nigma Galaxy

A new esport powerhouse in the Middle East has entered the stage.

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Esports organisations Galaxy Racer and Team Nigma have announced their merger to form a new powerhouse for the Middle Eastern esports industry. While both brands will continue to exist with specified areas of focus.

Splitting Content Creation and Esports Division

KuroKy’s Team Nigma will head up the esports division of the new Nigma Galaxy with more than 60 players from a variety of regions and games. With Nigma at the helm of the competitive division, Galaxy Racer will focus on their existing roster of Content Creators and other activities like merchandising, tournament management and even a record label.

Both companies were founded in 2019 and have since gone on to become household names in North Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia respectively. The new Nigma Galaxy are in a prime position to turn into the Arabic world’s prime esport brand with footholds in Asia and Europe.

Dota rosters unchanged for now

In their announcement Nigma Galaxy has also stated, that their current rosters will remain the same. That turns Nigma Galaxy into an organisation with two distinctive rosters in the Dota Pro Circuit with European Nigma led by KuroKy and the South East Asian team spearheaded by Indonesian star player Meracle.

Neither team is qualified to this year’s The International in Bucharest. It remains to be seen how Nigma Galaxy will handle the two teams for the upcoming season. The ruleset of the Dota Pro Circuit does not allow for multiple teams under the same ownership at The International.

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Image Credits: Nigma Galaxy