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NICKMERCS claims a loss of viewership after swapping from Warzone to Apex Legends

Popular Twitch streamer alleges that he has 'fallen off' ever since he decided to switch battle royale games.

NICKMERCS has forged a name for himself as a constant staple in the battle royale genre on Twitch. Beginning during the Fortnite craze, NICKMERCS skyrocketed to the top and averaged hundreds of thousands of viewers every night.

In March 2020 however, NICKMERCS moved to Call of Duty Warzone, another battle royale set in the classic CoD style. Though this game served as his primary content for almost a year, the FPS streamer has swapped up again. In his last 20+ streams, NICKMERCS has exclusively played Apex Legends.

The Titanfall inspired battle royale, though NICKMERCS’ preference in game, has undoubtedly resulted in significantly lower viewer counts when compared to previous months. On stream, NICKMERCS talked about this topic multiple times. He has stated that he will not switch games, as the enjoyment he is getting from Apex Legends offsets any potential financial losses he may be sustaining.

A YouTube video released on December 2nd went further into detail regarding his perspective. In the video, NICKMERCS referenced the claims that he ‘fell off’, stating “I’ve always been a guy that, I don’t live and die by my numbers but I’m proud of my numbers. Some people don’t give a fuck. I definitely care… When Warzone was at its max, viewership was crazy for everybody, not just me. We were hitting 80,000 viewers playing pubs with Tim. 80k was a normal Tuesday.”

NICKMERCS concluded “Viewership may be down, but we’re still crushing it.” While NICKMERCS acknowledges that viewership may be down, it seems to not bother the FaZe co-owner much.

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