January 12, 2021

New Viewer World Record on Twitch with over 2.5 Million Concurrents

Spanish Fortnite streamer “The Grefg” smashed the world record for concurrent viewers on a single stream by having more than 2.5 million concurrents tuning in.

One of the biggest names in the Spanish-speaking internet “The Grefg” was to be honored with his own special in-game skin in Fornite for his previous record. The great unveiling stream now smashed his prior record by a large margin.

His 2.5 million surpassed the already gargantuan sum of 1.7 million viewers he had during the Galactus Event.

(Image Credit: TheVerge)

The new record was even reached prior to the reveal as fans flocked to his stream to await the start of the broadcast. It ook just 50 seconds to surpass 2 million. This marks him as the biggest Fortnite streamer by a landslide as Ninja’s highest record was also around 1.7 million during the same Galactus event that provided the first record.

(His personal skin in Fortnite // Image Credit: YouTube @thegrefg)

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