August 17, 2020
Rainbow Six: Siege

New Season Shadow Legacy to significantly change Rainbow Six: Siege

Significant changes are coming to Rainbow Six: Siege. Ubisoft’s shooter not only introduces Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher as new operator for Year 5 Season 3. It also reworks of Pings and reinforcements.

The new season is titled Shadow Legacy and will hit test servers on August 17. Besides the new operator Ubisoft has also included plenty of other changes in the Update: Ping 2.0, replays, reinforcement pool and a rework for Chalet.

Splinter Cell X Rainbow Six: Siege

The newest operator stems from a straight crossover with the Splinter Cell series. Sam Fisher joins the fray as the operator “Zero” for the attacking side. His gadget will be the Argus launcher, allowing him to install two-way cameras that can destroy defender utility via laser.

The camera allows vision through walls so players can spot out the pesky defenders.

If you have purchased the Year 5 Pass you will automatically unlock Zero with the beginning of Shadow Legacy. All other players can acquire the new operator a week later.

Reworking Chalet

The map Chalet has been fully reworked and will return in its new form to the map pool.

Players can now climb on top of the roof to open up new pathways, an additional hallway will also improve mobilitiy in the basement.

Ping 2.0

Communication has always been key in Rainbow Six: Siege. With the new Ping 2.0 system Ubisoft is improving the tools players have to inform each other. Players will now be able to mark utility and important areas of the map. Additionally each player will have a number associated to their ping to make it easier for players to discern who shared what information.

Reinforcement pool and a new hard breach

Instead of havin 2 reinforcements per player as before, defenders will now share the usage of a common reinforcement pool of 10. This will make it easier for defenders to set up their positions. No more rushing from one part of the map to the other because you also had to set up your utility, now your teammates can lend you a hand.

But Attackers will also receive something new to play around with as a secondary hard breaching gadget will also arrive with Shadow Legacy. This shoudl allow Attackers more flexibility in terms of Operators as more varied lineups become viable.

Free-to-play period

To celebrate the release of the new Season Ubisoft has also announced a free-to-play period from August 27 to September 4. During these eight days players will have access to all maps, game modes and 20 classic operators. If you have not tried Rainbow Six: Siege yet, you should give it a go at the end of August.

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Image Credit: Ubisoft
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