August 31, 2020
League of Legends

New League of Legends Champion unveiled – Samira

Champion number 151 is joining the Rift in League of Legends. The new marksman is out for blood.

On August 30 Riot Games officially announced the new champion with a new trailer. Her nickname Desert Rose already shows that she is all about “style”.

Key to the new champion is her passive ability Daredevil Impulse, which allows her to gather “style” whenever she attacks.
According to early reports from Samira has six levels of style, ranked from E to S. Each rank gained results in 3,5% more movement speed for Samira.

Besides her melee attacks Samira also has magic damage in her arsenal. If slightly out of range she will also automatically gapclose to opponents in her vicinity.

Samira’s skillset:

Q – Flair – Samira fires on an opponent and deals physical damage. If she is in melee range, Samira will use her sword for a chance to deal critical damage on top of 25% extra damage. Using Flair while Wild Rush is active will result in attacking all enemies in range.

W – Blade Whirl – This attack will deal damage twice to all opponents in melee range. It also destroys hostile projectiles in the area.

E – Wild Rush – Samira dashes through opponents or allies, dealing 50 magic damage to enemies. She will also obtain 30% higher attack speed for three seconds. If she delivers the killing blow on opponents the cooldown resets.

Ultimate – Inferno Trigger – In order to use her ultimate players have to be on style rank S. Within two seconds Samira shoots all enemies in the vicinity ten times in a row. The attack can deal critical damage and also lifesteal.

It’s still unclear when Samira will be on live servers. According to several leakers she might go live in a couple of weeks for Patch 10.18. For the upcoming Worlds on September 25 she will be blocked however.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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