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New League of Legends Arcane skins released

Ahead of their Netflix show, League of Legends has had several Arcane streams released.

League of Legends’ upcoming animated show, Arcane, will soon be available across Netflix accounts every. The show is set to premier shortly after 2021 Worlds, on November 6th 2021. There was destined to be some crossover between the show and game, but it seems that this will come in form of in-game skins.

The show is set to take place in Piltover and Zaun, focusing on the relationship between Vi and Jinx while featuring other prominent character such as Caitlin, Heimerdinger, and more.

Earlier on Twitter, the official League of Legends Twitter account built up hype for the show by previewing official Arcane skins. Arcane skins will release for Vi, Jinx, Caitlin, and Jayce. The skins are not terribly different from the original splashwork, but reflect their appearance in the coming Netflix series.

Riot Games released previews for both Jayce and Vi, showing off their abilities with their new skins. Jayce is featured with a clean, white vest with a new and improved hammer/ranged weapon.

Vi kept her classic fist weapons with more colorful additions to her takedowns and abilities. Both new skins have hit the PBE but will have some time before they are added to the official League of Legends store.

Riot Games have steadily previewed content for their animated series. A new trailer recently confirming the show’s release date dropped, announcing the shows release after Worlds 2021. Undoubtedly, we will likely see more crossover content as the show rolls out.

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Image Credits: Riot Games
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