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New Dota 2 patch 7.31 includes new hero Primal Beast, jungle changes and Techies rework

The newest gameplay update for Dota 2 is finally here and includes some serious changes.

Patch 7.31 also brings with it the newest hero Primal Beast joining the roster. Primal Beast is a savage, big and scaly monster that reigns as an apex predator. His abilities circle around growing stronger by traveling and taking damage which it can turn upon the enemy, with his kit containing a dash (Onslaught) and (ranged) stun (Pulverize & Rock Throw).

We also see some big changes to the jungle in the newest patch, with the intention of making it scarier and giving camps more tools to fight back against players. Some of the most notable changes include the addition of three new neutral creeps, namely the Ancient Ice Shaman, Ancient Frostbitten Golem and Warpine Raiders. Neutral creeps also feature more HP, armor, base damage and attack speed now.

Finally there’s the rework of the hero Techies that was announced earlier. The abilities of the Techies have been completely overhauled and changed up, with the introdcution of two new abilities in Sticky Bomb and Reactive Tazer. The former sees you lob a bomb cart to an area, reducing movement speed before exploding, while the latter grants a burst of movement speed and isarms enemies that are attacking, exploding in the end.

You can read up on the full (and lengthy) patch notes here.

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