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NBK announces his switch from CS:GO to VALORANT

The French FPS legend will be competing on a new battlefield after a career of incredible success in CS:GO.

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Nathan “NBK” Schmitt announced earlier today via Twitter that he would officially be switching from CS:GO to VALORANT. Over the past year, NBK has been the subject of several roster moves. Most notably, NBK’s time on OG came to an abrupt end as he was benched before the team underwent a massive overhaul. NBK struggled to find a team afterwards, which may have motivated his switch to Riot’s tactical shooter to some degree.

Overall, NBK has one of the most successful careers in CS:GO history. The winner of two majors for different teams, NBK was deemed the French ‘kingmaker.’ NBK was most known for his time on Envy, G2, and then his rather shorter stint on Vitality and OG. The veteran of the scene began competing in 2009. NBK’s hallmark career is coming to an however as he is moving into a new FPS frontier.

NBK’s dramatic announcement video stated that “memories are better left in the past.” Though currently it is unsure what team NBK will be joining, there is no doubt that he will be a highly sought after player. NBK joins a long list of ex-CS:GO players making the switch. In Europe, the list is considerably shorter, however he will find himself among the likes of Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom.

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