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NAVI Junior’s m0NESY: “There are two types of people: Some see obstacles and others see opportunities.”

We talked to the Russian talent and Academy Player m0NESY during the WePlay Academy League. Here are his thoughts regarding his future and more.

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In the recently concluded WePlay Academy League NAVI Junior barely missed out on a playoff participation for the first season of the Academy League. We talked to the Russian talent Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov about his prospects for the future & more.

Videoe – What makes s1mple so great?

esports.com: How did you get into CS:GO? How long have you been playing?

m0NESY: My brother gifted me CS:GO at New Year 2015. I played it and I liked it very much. I have been playing since 2015, for 6 years now. I have more than 13,000 hours in the game.

How often do you train? How many teams do you train without your team?

I spend more than 10 hours a day training. With the team, we play 5-6 praccs a day, and after praccs I play FPL or normal Faceit with friends. 

At what certain point did you know, that you’re going to be an AWPer?

I really like this weapon, because I like to move with it and I know how to search for kills and how to catch enemies on their mistakes. And I realized that I could give a big impact with it. 

Do you have a favorite map? Which one is it and why?

My favorite map is Vertigo. This map is very suitable for AWPers. They can search for many easy kills on this map. And the important thing is this map is not as default as Mirage or the Dust2. Not all teams and players have learned to play it, and if you play this map well, this is a huge boost for you and your team in a veto. 

How important is a league like the WePlay Academy League for teams like yours?

It is important because every player from any team can show his good performance in this tournament. And of course, it is important for the team, to grow further and further. 

Who was the hardest opponent?

The hardest opponent was mouz NXT. They have good players who already played in good teams. For example, Torzsi, good sniper, he played in Budapest Five. Or JDC, he played in Unicorns of Love. They already have good experience with this tier level.

NAVI.Junior also participated in the WePlay Academy League
NAVI Junior also participated in the WePlay Academy League | Image Credits: WePlay Holding

Who is the best Academy Player?

If you do not look at the statistics and do not see yourself in the first place in the tournament table, then I will choose regali. Good AWPer.

How do you motivate yourself after a streak of losses? How do you untilt?

To be honest, I will say that I don’t tilt. I can only get upset with how we played and who we lost to :). And I motivate myself that I can play better.

What is your advice for players out there that are also dreaming of going pro?

I would advise them not to give up halfway. There are two types of people: Some see obstacles and others see opportunities.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

I see myself in NAVI.

For which Team would you like to play in the future?

I would like to play in the team that I like the most. In the one in which we will progress.

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Image Credits: Natus Vincere via YouTube