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Mouz coach Rejin: “During player break, no one touched CS”

After some poor tournament performances during the online phase, mousesports did not get the best start in ESL One Cologne. We had the opportunity to talk to their coach Rejin about this difficult time.

esports.com: Against NaVi on Nuke you showed that you can overcome one of the best teams in the tournament. What went wrong on Dust II?

Coach Allan “Rejin” Petersen: Nuke was a big back and forth. Because of that, NaVi were in a weird money situation, which is why we got so many rounds. I think we played really well on Nuke.

On Dust II we were really confident and played well. Some unlucky duels led to a bad T-side economy. On CT our defense was nonexistent. There was a timing issue on long that cost us the rounds.

How did you use the player break? Did you practice as a team or was it an actual break?

During player break no one touched CS. After Katowice ended, everyone was playing insanely much. It was at an unhealthy point, that is for sure. I was around 160 hours in two weeks and I would imagine the players were at the same level.

For the break I told them that we should fully stop. That way we can be fully focused when we start the next season.

Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras is the newest team member. Have you already had the time to play with him?

No, right now we are focusing on ESL One Cologne. It takes time to figure out how we are going to use him as a sixth player. I think Bymas is going to be our backup player, maybe later on rotation player. We will try out some different scenarios.

We don’t know yet how we are going to utilize him best. He is watching our practice and getting to know the guys. It must be really difficult to suddenly be the new sixth guy on a team.

Here is the complete interview as video:

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Image source: ESL; EPICENTER
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