October 7, 2020

Mousesports release coach Rejin following ESIC ban

CS:GO coach Allen “Rejin” Petersen will no longer be a part of mousesports going forward. The team has decided to release Petersen after he received a suspension following an investigation by the ESIC for abusing a spectator bug to gain an unfair advantage. Petersen admitted to abusing the bug when he was still with his former team, Tricked.

The announcement was made on the Twitter page of mousesports, where the organization released a statement on the decision. “After the investigation of the ESIC concluded, we decided to permanently part ways with our coach “Rejin”. We thank Allan for his services and while we’re extremely sad to see him leave the team, our firm stand for competitive integrity left us with no other option.”

Petersen released a statement himself after it became clear he’ll be leaving mousesports. “As I said previously, I take full responsibility for my actions. And I accept the ban I received (20 months) with no appeal. I wish to serve my ban and come back stronger” Petersen said. “For now I will take some time to recuperate, and figure out my future. […] My deepest apologies go to the opponent affected by my mistake. My weak decision may have altered your career, and it is something I can never take back, and I regret the utmost.”

After the ESIC investigation 37 coaches received a suspension, ranging from four months to three years, after it became clear they willingly abused the spectator bug. Some teams did however decide to keep their coaches on the team, be it in different roles.

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Image Credit: StarLadder
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