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Mouse, Keyboard, Headset & more – The best Gaming Peripherals for Beginners

There are countless products in Gaming. But what exactly is worth its price for a Beginner? Here is our basic setup for your consideration.


Interested in getting into PC Gaming? There are plenty of reasons to do so. You could be dipping your toes into PC from the consoles or returning to desktops after a lengthy break. But if you are planning on a budget you are definitely interested in getting the best for your buck. Here are our recommendations.

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In contrast to usual mice, the gaming variant should offer more functions and work highly precise. Thankfully you can get good mice for cheap now.

Our first recommendation is the Logitech G502 Hero. One of the most popular models of all time, it has everything you need. Additional buttons, supporting software and extra equipment like attachable weights cover all your needs for $40 dollars right now. It also has a ergonimcal form that supports larger hands.

Next up is the Razer Viper Mini. As its name implies it is a smaller model and is made for competitive players. Razer puts a lot of emphasis on its light weight, making it a great fit for FPS players. The low price of just 30 US-Dollars also makes it very affordable.

If you are looking for a wireless mouse, you should check out the Logitech G305. For under $50 you get the Hero sensor and the Wireless Lightspeed technology from Logitech G.


Our recommendations for gaming are usually mechanical keyboards, but as their price is quite steep many alternatives are membrane-based options that are better for a starter budget. But for better feel on the keys as well as better durability you should go for mechanical keyboards.

Our first recommendation here is the Logitech G413. For under $100 you can get a mechanical keyboard that fulfills all gaming needs. It also comes with a software that can setup macros.

If you are a bit more advanced and want to personalize your keyboard too. The Glorious GMMK is a good option. You only order the frame and can then pick your own individual keys to fill up your keyboard.

Our last recommendation is the Keychron C2. Having gained a lot of popularity over the recent years it is well-known for high quality at affordable prices.



Many players are familiar with the HyperX Cloud II, a headset that has rightly earned its popularity as it has great sound with a decent mic to utilize all you need for team-based games like CS:GO or League of Legends.

Our next recommendation is the Logitech G432, a model that is also very popular and also often seen on streamers like Tyler1. It is a very good all-rounder for a reasonable price.

The third headset we focus on is more oriented for more competitive players. The Razer BlackShark V2 has excellent sound and provides you with all you need for your ranked matches. It has slightly lower specs than the Pro version, but is more affordable in exchange.

Webcams and Microphones

Regardless if you plan on streaming or just want to videochat with your friends in times of the pandemic, here are our recommendations for webcams that can also record in Full HD.

If you cannot be bothered to finetune a webcam for the best picture, you should go for the Razer Kiyo. This model comes with an implemented ringlight that provides the appropriate lighting.

Next on our list is the Logitech C920. It is one of the best webcams on a budget that can also be used for streaming on Twitch. But you do need to watch your environment a bit for optimal lighting.

Finally the Logitech StreamCam also makes it to our list. This model also has a USB-C socket, that allows you to connect it to your mobile if you want to try streaming on Instagram or TikTok.


In most cases you do not need a dedicated mic for your gaming. Voice chat with friends or basic streaming does not require a better microphone. But if you need one because your headset lacks it or you want to aim for extra quality, you can find our recommendations here.

A great cheap option is the Razer Seiren Mini. It may be very small, but has better audio quality than what you would expect from its size.

If you have a bit more space on your desk you can go for the Blue Snowball iCE. A popular pick from streamers and YouTubers alike its audio clarity and easy setup through USB make it a great choice.

Finally you can also consider picking up the HyperX QuadCast. This mic is more expensive but offers high quality recording and plenty of supporting software.


Mousepads & more

The Roccat Taito is a very popular mousepad and great option for starters. It is even available in multiple sizes.

If you are willing to spend a bit more you can go for the Fnatic Dash mousepad. The surface offers a good balance between gliding and control. But the pricetag is a bit more restrictive.

Most players still use wired mice, but sometimes the cables are in the way or get stuck. You can get Bungees to prevent that such as the Zowie CAMADE II.

Don’t know where to put your Headset, when you are not using it? Try a Headset Mount like the NZXT Puck. You can easily attach it to your PC to have a dedicated place to put your headset.

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