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More Halo Infinite details released during E3 – More gameplay, release date and multiplayer news

E3 2021 is back with full force and during their presentation, Microsoft gave a little more insight into Halo Infinite, alongside more gameplay and details.

The gameplay trailer that was shown does seem a lot more smooth than the gameplay we got to see earlier this year. The multiplayer footage we got to see was definitely a step up from the demo version, with the graphical aspect of the game having improved by quite a big margin, also showing next-gen footage. When it comes to the release date for the game, it’s expected they’ll be aiming for the end of 2021.

During the presentation Halo fans and casual players received quite a bit of good news, as Microsoft announced that the game would have a free-to-play multiplayer, meaning people who want to enjoy the multiplayer won’t have to buy the game. The only thing you’ll need is an Xbox Series X or S and a subscription to Xbox Live. Halo Infinite will also feature crossplay.

With the presentation Microsoft did address some of the criticism from the community towards the graphics of the game, saying they’re working hard on finishing up and polishing the graphics to bring out the full potential of the game.

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