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Misfits remain undefeated, Fnatic book a first win in LEC Summer Split 2021

As the final day of the LEC Summer Split super week came around, Misfits Gaming remained undefeated and Fnatic, of course with Bwipo in the jungle, found a first win.

Misfits Gaming managed to beat out Team Vitality in a direct confrontation between two promising players, them being Vetheo and LIDER. Vetheo once again dominated on the Akali, finding multiple kills and advantages, while Razork had a solid night in the jungle on the Rumble pick. Misfits remain undefeated and stand on top of the leaderboard with a 3-0 scoreline.

For Fnatic it was do or die against Rogue. They lost their two previous games and needed to close out the super week strong. Rogue on the other hand looked like their usual selves in their first two games, breezing past Vitality and Excel in their known style. With Nisqy on Lucian and Bwipo on Karthus, Fnatic put Rogue on the back foot. With Adam having a great game on the Wukong, Fnatic managed to edge out a first, much needed, win.

In other matches SK Gaming lost out once more, remaining winless, against G2 Esports, who ended the week 2-1. MAD Lions showed Astralis why they won the Spring Split and ended their undefeated streak. Excel finally managed to win a first game, beating out Schalke 04 who struggled against a composed Nukeduck on the Akali, with a solid showing from Dan on the Sejuani.

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