September 25, 2020

MIBR and Hard Legion removed from IEM New York due to Coaching Scandal

ESL has announced the disqualification of MIBR and Hard Legion from the next Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event: IEM New York Online. Due to the removal of their RMR points by Valve in the wake of the coaching scandal, they are no longer eligible for the tournament.

While the Major is still postponed indefinitely the RMR events continue to take place to determine the eventual teams competing. The next scheduled event IEM New York Online has now seen some changes to the attendees.

Hard Legion and MIBR had been among the first teams implicated in the current coaching scandal that saw many prominent coaches abusing a bug in CS:GO to obtain vision and info they should not be able to access.

The removal of MIBR and Hard Legion was the natural follow-up to Valve’s decision to reset their points earned in earlier RMR events. Chaos will take MIBR’s place in North America, while Hellraisers secured the additional slot in the CIS qualifiers.

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This effectively ends the hopes of MIBR and Hard Legion to attend the eventual Major in the coming year. Although with the recent roster implosion of MIBR, the organisation might be dealing with different problems altogether.

ESIC to present results on September 28

The Esports Integrity Commission had taken over the reins in leading a thorough investigation spanning multiple years to fully clear up the scandal. The organisation provided a “grace period” for coaches to come forward themselves if they abused the bug before diving into the investigation. After several weeks it now seems like the ESIC is ready to announce their first results:

With incidents of the bug abuse being confirmed back in 2014 the CS:GO scene might be in for another rough couple of days as soon as the first findings are published.

We will keep you updated on further news.

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Image Credit: EPICENTER
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