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Magic dominance – A look into the best AP-Items in LoL

Mages build magic damage in their item build and are usually squishy targets in League of Legends – Here are the best AP-Items in Season 11.

Depending on the situation, mages build a variety of different Mythic and legendary items, each with their own purpose in the game: additional resistances, more HP or even longer crowd control durations. But there is one common stat they all share. They deal a lot of magical damage. Here are the best items for mages and Champions, that rely on magic damage.

A few Items are applicable to all mages. They are all-rounders in a sense and complete your offensive build. Image source: Riot Games
With damage into the early game

Mages that deal a lot of damage at the start of the game are mostly Midlaners. These Champions are usually Carries and build a lot of damage from the get go. Examples of these offensive mages are Champions like Zoe or Orianna. Both synergize well with the Mythic item Luden’s Tempest. It also provides magic penetration that increases with each new legendary.


Mages that rely on lingering burn damage or need a little bit more healing in their Kit should buy Liandry’s Anguish. Champions like Malzahar or Seraphine come to mind.

After you are done building the Mythic item, you should prioritize Sorcery’s Shoes. They provide you with the usual movement speed and magic penetration. With this you can pierce some of the enemy’s resistances. A lot of pros like to build these shoes first, because it can be useful in bursting the enemy at early levels.

If you need crowd control in your toolkit or want even more, you can buy the Mythic Everfrost. This item has an active ability that slows or roots your enemies in place depending on where you hit them.

The correct legendary item for every teamfight.

Champions with magical damage are feared in later stages of the game because of their damage potential. They can take out a squishy target in a matter of seconds. This power does leave them with their own drawbacks, as they themselves are champions with a low health pool. You can however negate some of this weakness with the help of Zhonya’s Hourglass.

Apart from the damage this item provides it gives you a bit of armor and a useful active ability. After pressing the item, you are shielded from any incoming attack for 2.5 seconds. You yourself however cannot do anything for this duration. Especially in teamfights this item can make or break the fight and gives you more time to get your cooldowns back up.

Syndra and Anivia are Champions that make heavy use of Zhonya’s active ability. Imagesource: Riot Games

Targets that just heal up every damage you inflict on them can be hard to deal with. It does not matter how much you use on them; they just heal themselves back up. In these situations it is advised to buy Morellonomicon. It inflicts grievous wounds on any target you hit and slows down their healing process.

The last item any Midlane mage should consider is Rhabadon’s Deathcap. It brings your damage to new heights as it boosts all AP-Damage you got from previous items by 35%. While also giving you 120 Ability Power. This item is especially useful when you reached the late game or are far ahead of your opposition. If you do not have a fully stacked Mejais at Level 6, you should not buy this item first.

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Image Credit: Riot Games