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MAD Lions confirms positive COVID-19 case in LEC organization

LEC participant MAD Lions has confirmed their organization has a member who has tested positive for COVID-19.

MAD didn’t specify which member tested positive but assured the fans every health and safety precaution has been taken to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the organization.

This means they have stayed in contact with the local public health authorities and have used those recommendations to stop the spread of the virus. As per guidelines they will test and retest everyone who’s come into contact with the particular individual.

One positive side to this story is that the LEC still operates the Summer Split on a remote-only play. Ever since the pandemic started all major regions resorted to online play, and only a handful have returned to on-stage play such as the LCK and LCS.

This means the LEC doesn’t need to worry about players or staff from other organizations getting the virus through the MAD Lions staff member.

The LEC did return to offline play for the Spring Split playoffs, but for the safety of the players, coaches, staff, and production crew, the Summer Split will be played online.

This isn’t the first time an LEC organization has members who tested positive. In March 2021, Fnatic had two members test positive for the virus. Support Hylissang and assistant coach Gary “Tolki” Mialaret self-isolated, but Hylissang continued playing through his illness.

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Image Credit: MAD Lions
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