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MAD Humanoid: “I don’t think LEC teams really know how to play past 20 minutes”

MAD Lions mid laner Marek "Humanoid" Brázda spoke to us after their win over G2 and he spoke about the series against G2, MAD Lions’ incredible comebacks and his thoughts on positional coaches.

The first round of the LEC 2021 Summer Season playoffs have concluded and MAD Lions stood tall, defeating G2 Esports 3-1 in a tense series, reminding Europe that they are the reigning LEC champions for a reason. They now face Rogue for a spot in the finals on August 21st.

First and foremost, thank you for accepting this interview. Congratulations on your victory over G2 Esports in that nail-biter of a series! Let’s start it off nice and easy, how did you see the series in general and what were your expectations coming into today?

Humanoid: Thank you. I was expecting us to win the series, honestly. I think we are way better than we were in the regular season and everyone is really tryharding now. Before, it didn’t really matter to us in the regular season, so no one really played at their 100%. But for the playoffs, everyone is super motivated and we’re just playing way better than before. I was for sure expecting us to win and we did!

You did, indeed! On the topic of motivation, I’d like to get your perspective on it as I know MAD have spoken about it in the past. What were the issues that caused the team to be not as motivated as they are now?

Humanoid: I mean, I think for me at least, I’ve been playing in LEC for three years and it always comes down to how well you play in playoffs. It doesn’t matter at all if you finish first or fourth in the regular season, it’s the same thing. You still have to beat the other teams in a best-of-five.

I don’t think it’s worth it to focus all of your energy to play well in the regular season and that’s why I usually just play the game a lot less compared to playoffs.

On your comeback in Game 3, your teammate Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser, when asked by Dylan Falco in the Post Game Lobby on why MAD is so good at making ridiculous comebacks, said he wasn’t sure why but it could be because MAD are very good at teamfights. What is your perspective on this?

Humanoid: One part of it is because we have a lot of scaling in a lot of games. That’s one part, and another is I don’t think LEC teams really know how to play past 20 minutes. I think all of them are doing really random plays and if those plays don’t work, they lose so much from it. There are a lot of teams who do similar things, so that’s why I think we are making a lot of comebacks.

That’s actually a very interesting perspective. I’d like to ask you quickly about your new positional coach Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás. I know he’s been helping Irfan Berk “Armut” Tükek a lot, but has he been helping the other positions as well?

Humanoid: I think they are working with each other only, and maybe with the other coaches. They always talk to each other about how lanes play and the like. I think that’s pretty much it. I don’t know too much of what they’re doing because I’m always away and they’re working privately together.

Do you think positional coaches will be used more and more in the future by esports teams?

Humanoid: I don’t know… but I don’t think so. For me, I don’t think I would want a positional coach. Some players might want it depending on that person, but I don’t think it’s needed.

Why do you not think positional coaches are needed at the moment, in your opinion?

Humanoid: I think you should study whatever you want yourself, I don’t think I need someone to tell me how to lane for example, because I can just think about it myself.

That’s fair enough. Moving on, I’d just like to get your thoughts quickly on Worlds. Congratulations on qualifying for it, is the team already thinking about Worlds 2021 or just focusing on the LEC playoffs for now?

Humanoid: I think for now we are focusing on the LEC playoffs since Worlds is really far away, and I think we still have a minimum of two more best-of-fives to play. We still have the goal of winning LEC summer so we are for sure focusing on it.

Which teams or players do you hope to face at Worlds 2021?

Humanoid: Every Korean and Chinese team are probably going to be really insane. So yeah, I’d like to face all the Korean and Chinese teams!

No NA teams? That’s harsh, man…

Humanoid: Yeah… I mean, I would like to face them but not for the challenge, you know? Just for the rivalry (laughs)!

Back to the LEC, Rogue and MAD Lions have locked in 2 spots for Worlds. If you have to make a prediction now based on what you know, who is going to lock in the last Worlds spot between Misfits Gaming, G2 and Fnatic?

Humanoid: I think it’s for sure going to be G2 Esports. I think they are a lot better than all the three remaining teams. I think there’s a chance that Fnatic might do it because their playstyle is really chaotic, and with that kind of playstyle you can win a best-of-five series even if you’re a bit worse, if you have a good day.

My first bet would be G2 and then there is a small chance that Fnatic might make it. For Misfits, I wouldn’t say they are the favourites right now.

Before we end, MAD Lions will be facing Rogue next week to determine who makes the finals. Tell us how you think the match or series is going to go and what’s your prediction for the series?

Humanoid: I think Rogue as a team has a lot of problems in the late game. Unless we get really stomped in the early game, I think we should be able to win the series. If I had to make a prediction, we will win, but for sure they can win as well. It’s 50/50 (laughs)!

The score will be… 3-1 to MAD Lions!

3-1 to MAD, very well! Final question then, for this season, many would say you have had a standout season for MAD Lions. So I’m going to ask this and I want you to tell me straight: Are you the best mid laner in Europe right now?

Humanoid: Yes! I think so, yeah.

Thank you very much, Humanoid.

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