August 21, 2020
League of Legends

LoL Worlds 2020 song possibly leaked

Update: The official Worlds song has been revealed and can be found here:

Take Over – Worlds 2020 Song is out now

Original article from August 21:
Every year, Riot partners with a music label for a new Worlds soundtrack. For 2020, they teamed up with Universal Music Group to create a song that might have been leaked already.

While Worlds 2020 is set to start on September 25th, the tournament’s official song might have been leaked on twitter. While the last few official Worlds sountracks were popular, the new one is earning some critizism.

On Twitter, League of Legends journalist Ran posted a short video in which you can see the Tencent League client. The background music is unfamiliar though and it sounds similar to previous Worlds anthems. Because of that, many think that it’s the new song for this year’s tournament.

Praise and critzism

While the comments under her tweet are optimistic and people seem to like the song, comments on a reddit threat hit a different tone.

A user called Zhaoge72 also mentions that the track might be used for a different tournament. So maybe, this year’s Worlds anthem will actually sound different from the well-established female voice singing about fighting and victory-scheme.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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