Riot announces Mid-Season Streamathon
May 19, 2020
League of Legends

LoL: Riot announces Mid-Season Streamathon

Riot Games has announced a suitable replacement for the cancelled Mid-Season Invitational 2020. On 29 May the Mid-Season Streamathon is set to not only celebrate LoL but also raise funds to combat the pandemic.

The prior announcement of the the Mid-Season Cup between Korea’s LCK and China’s LPL teased multiple other events to brdige the gap between Splits in the LoL-world. Riot has now unveiled their plans and announced an entire weekend for the fans.

Worldwide festival against Covid19

With plenty of exhibition matches and special shows spread out over the weekend, every region has something to look forward to. Highlights include not only the finals of the Mid-Season Cup between China and Korea but also a Brazilian influencer showdown pitting Kami versus Yoda next to pro exhibition matches for North America and a “EU Face-Off” for the LEC.

Additionally fans will be able to donate during the Mid-Season Streamathon. These donations will be distributed by the Riot Games Social Impact Fund to organisations that are battling the spread of the Coronavirus.

The entire event begins on 29 May at 17:00 PDT (30.05. | 02:00 CEST) and fans will be able to tune in on

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Pictures via Riot Games
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