Mid-Season Cup Groups leaked
May 15, 2020
League of Legends

LoL: Mid-Season Cup Groups leaked

During a stream Invictus Gaming Support Su “Southwind” Zhi-Lin leaked the groups and format of the upcoming League of Legends Mid-Season Cup.

After the Mid-Season Invitational fell victim to the COVID19-pandemic Riot announced the Mid-Season Cups as replacement. The first Cup features China and Korea’s best as LPL and LCK go head to head.

However Riot’s announcement left many fans wanting for details even as the tournament was scheduled for 28th of May. Via Southwind’s stream we finally got to know more information for the Mid-Season Cup. According to the support player the four teams of each region will be split into the following groups:

Group A:

  • JD Gaming
  • Invictus Gaming
  • DragonX
  • Gen.G

Group B:

  • T1
  • DAMWON Gaming
  • TOP Esports
  • FunPlusPhoenix

Southwind also revealed the format of the tournament. Apparently groups are to be played out in Best of Ones culminating in the top two teams advancingto a single elimination bracket.

Riot has neither confirmed or denied Southwind’s claims, but as is the nature of leaks they are unconfirmed. If the groups end up like Southwind said we can look forward to a early group stage clash between Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s T1 and current world champions FunPlus Phoenix.

The Mid-Season Cup is scheduled to start on May 28th.

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Picture via Riot Games
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