MSI 2020 Cancelled
May 13, 2020
League of Legends

LoL – Mid-Season Cup announced by Riot

Riot Games has announced the brand new Mid-Season Cup 2020. As the traditional Mid-Season Invitational had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 LoL-fans can at least look forward to some interregional competition.

The new Mid-Season Cup will feature a showdown between China and Korea’s best. The LPL will go head to head with the LCK to determine the stronger region.

The close geographical proximity will make a fair competition possible between the two rivals and fans can look forward to May 28th to witness the clash. In order to comply with health regulations both sides will play without live audience from the LoL Park and die LPL Arena in Seoul and Shanghai respectively.

LCK Lineup:

  • T1
  • Gen.G
  • DragonX
  • DAMWON Gaming

LPL Lineup:

  • JD Gaming
  • Top Esports
  • Invictus Gaming
  • FunPlus Phoenix

You can watch the Mid-Season Cup via the official website. The clash between LCK and LPL is only the first of several Cups that Riot has planned to bridge the gap until each league begins it’s summer split later.

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Pictures via Riot Games
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