November 10, 2020
League of Legends

LoL – Everything you need to know about the Preseason 2021

Riot Games has launched the Preaseason for Season 11 in League of Legends. Besides a completely reworked item system there are also several changes to champions inbound.

Update: Riot has released the full Patch Notes here with massive length in regards to item and champion changes among miscellaneous changes.

We have broken the massive changelog down for you:

Here are the changes coming to champions:

Preseason-Patch 10.23 – All changes coming to Champions

Here are the Item Changes: Preseason Patch 10.23 – Changes to Items

The full patch Notes can be found on Riot’s official website here:

Patch 10.23 – Full Patch Notes

Original article from November 10:

Starting on November 11 season 11 will kick off with the Preseason Patch. Players and Fans are in for quite a wild ride as the Patch Notes for 10.23 alone span 15,000 words according to Gameplay Design Director Mark Yetter

Headliner for the Preseason this year will be the revamped item system. Expanded by two categories it promises to shake up the meta quite a bit. There will be 23 new Mythic items in addition to 13 Legendaries and 9 Epics. Even 28 already existing Legendaries are getting a rework.

10.23 will also introduce the new ability “Haste”.

It will replace the current cooldown reduction, but it can only be activated through specific items, buffs or runes. In exchange it will also allow you to reduce the cooldown of several Mythics which can become key in heated teamfights.

In addition to all the items 13 champions were adjusted to the new system and 30 champions even got a specific change to their mana pools. It is not yet clear how the new “Jungle Starter” items will work.

Mythic Items for each Champion Type

The Preseason patch introduces mythical and legendary items. While the mythics will be restricted to one champion each game, they will also be tailor mode for each type of champion. There will be Tank Mythics, Assasin Mythics and so on.

Liandry’s Anguish will be a spellcaster mythic

These items are tweaked in a way to allow them to counter the itembuilds of champions strong against their type. For example “Liandry’s Anguish” will allow your damage to also add a HP percentage based portion to it.

For the Champion changes you can head over to our overview of the most important adjustments:
Preseason – These Champions will be buffed and nerfed

If Riot will introduce more change to the next season of League of Legends, we will of course keep you updated.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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