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Legends return as OG and Elephant are final teams to qualify for TI10

It took six grueling qualifiers but after three weeks we finally know the final six teams to attend the biggest esports tournament ever, as the EUW and China qualifiers come to an end.

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Turning up the heat

Many experts stated that whispers through halls indicated a strong performance to come from OG during the final TI Qualifiers. Whispers that seemed to ring true as they quickly found themselves in the upper bracket, where Tundra Esports was waiting for them. The dark horses of Tundra cooled down the OG hotheats, quickly taking them down in a 2-0 series win. OG however picked themselves back up.

First they took out Kuroky’s Team Nigma, ensuring Puppeys position as the only player to play at every TI so far. A grueling five game series was next as the Tundra Esports players were determined to punch their ticket to Bucharest, but the fairy tale didn’t come through in the end. OG turned up the heat in the fifth game of the series. and within 32 minutes the win was secured, as they took the ancient and the opportunity to defend their TI title.

Playing to win

Over in China it was no surprise that a final BO5 between Elephant and EHOME had to determine who would make it to TI10. Having beat Elephant the day before, EHOME went into the match with good hope. When they then went on to take the first game, many fans already started to put their EHOME jerseys on. This hope only lasted for so long though, as EHOME suddenly looked to be intimidated by the raw star power over on Elephant.

In a very passive game 2 they let Elephant just walk into their base, causing a fire to roar beneath the chairs of the Elephant players. For the rest of the series the balance had totally shifted as EHOME started playing not to lose, while Elephant played to win. And winning they did, as 2 games later it was Elephant who came out on top with a 3-1 scoreline for the series, guaranteeing their attendance at the next International.

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Image Credit: OG (Twitter)