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Leaks – Is FIFA becoming Free-to-Play after FIFA 22?

A new era could be coming to FIFA. According to Rumours and Leaks FIFA 22 might be the last paid title in the series.

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According to rumours from FIFA insiders the upcoming FIFA 22 is supposedly the last of its kind. Afterwards EA will turn the FIFA series into Free-to-Play games.

The leaker “DonkTrading” said that FIFA 22 will be the last paid title. While he is considered a reliable source and has been correct with his leaks prior, this is still a rumour as of now.

Changing the model is not unthinkable. Free-to-Play titles like League of Legends, Fortnite or others have already shown how much money can be made through cosmetic in-game items. FIFA’s very own FIFA Ultimate Team mode is already showing how much can be earned through in-game transactions. Just in the last fiscal year EA made $1.62 billion US-Dollar from FUT alone.

As there are also rumours that long-standing rival Pro Evolution Soccer is turning to Free-to-Play, a similar move by EA is more than likely. Another option would be offering the FUT mode for free, while the Career mode, VOLTA and other modes still need to be paid for. Just as Call of Duty has already done with their free Warzone Battle Royale.

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