October 1, 2020
League of Legends

League of Legends Wild Rift Closed Beta expanding to more regions

After the League of Legends Wild Rift game entered its closed beta in a limited number of regions, the game will now reset and expand. Riot Games announced the expansion in a Wild Rift Q&A on their beta support page, along with an explanation for their decisions.

First and foremost the closed beta will close temporarily in early october 2020, with all the progress players made and the content resetting. After a few days the game will be playable once more with more regions added, allowing more people to get their hands on the game if they registered for the closed beta. Riot Games emphasizes registering for the beta, as they won’t be disclosing a full list of all regions where the game is available.

Riot Games also briefly explained their reasoning behind doing a full reset before expanding to more regions: “Think about it this way: when you start a match in Wild Rift, everybody’s on perfectly equal footing. Same levels, same Gold. A reset allows us to recreate that fairness for all the players entering the Closed Beta for the first time”. Even though players will be losing their champion pool and levelling progress, things like the friend list, chat, custom item loadouts and other settings will remain available and untouched.

Wild Rift is currently only playable on Android devices, even though Riot Games has been doing some smaller tests on iOs devices.

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Image source: Riot Games
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