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League of Legends patch 11.9 is here – Will the meta finally shift?

The newest League of Legends patch 11.9 has finally arrived and we finally know what the patch MSI is being played on contains.

As expected the patch features some big nerfs for Hecarim, who has dominated the jungle meta the past few months, having almost all his damage nerfed and the healing on his W shifted. Other prevalent champions saw their numbers tweaked, among them Jinx, Vladimir and jungle Morgana, who’ve been a common sight in solo queue. Gragas, a common flex pick, saw his Body Slam lowered in damage.

Some much needed buffs, and perhaps some less needed ones, were also implemented. Jungle champions such as Kayn and Kindred both saw increased damage and the latter also received a reduced cooldown on her Q with the obvious focus on competing in the jungle. The buff for Lulu is a bit more out there, with reduced cooldowns on her W and increased ally cast bonus attack speed. For the full champion changes and details, refer to the complete patch notes.

Finally, item changes see Moonstone Renewer’s heal buffed. Wit’s End, Sunfire Aegis and Death’s Dance also see favorable changes, making them more attractive options. Probably the biggest nerfs are the ones for Chemtank and Dead Man’s Plate. The former sees a big 20% drop in bonus movement speed, while the latter now offers 100 less health.

The patch also brought on the release of the DAMWON Gaming Worlds skins, which were revealed earlier.

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Image Credit: Riot Games