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League of Legends Patch 11.16 preview – Jhin and Maokai buffs, Sona changes added

According to the preview, League of Legends patch 11.16 is bound to be an interesting one as some major power shifts may be coming.

The biggest changes of this patch seem to be coming in the jungle, as champions such as Nunu, Jarvan IV and Shaco are high on the buff list, while Diana and Xin Zhao will be getting nerfed. There’s also an interesting name in the list of buffs when it comes to the top lane, as Maokai might finally step out of the shadows (and the support role) to make a return as a solo laner soon.

Some of the nerfs on the other hand are kind of straightforward. Ziggs has been one of those champions that’s been a bit too strong and present in both mid and bot lane, while Tahm Kench has been overtuned a little so he needs to come down. With Fiora, Lee Sin and Lulu, some of the bigger names are also on the chopping block in nerfs that are sure to spark more diversity in games.
Finally patch 11.16 will also be bringing the changes to Sona to the rift which Riot Games has been working on for quite a while. She’ll gain a few new tricks up her sleeve, while still remaining an enchanter support.

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Image Credits: Riot Games

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